Strength Booster (Fish Oil & True Vitamin)
Neuherbs Strength Booster is a power pack combination of Extraordinary fish oil & Advanced Multivitamin which makes it must have for your daily wellness goals. It will complement your lifestyle and physical health. Get Extra 15% Off. Use Code: VMS15...
Rs. 1,998.00 Rs. 1,349.00
Stress Buster (Fish Oil & Ashwagandha)
To help your achieve overall health goals, Neuherbs is here with an amazing combination of health-beneficial Omega-3 & Ashwagandha that helps fulfill your daily energy, stamina, and heart, brain, bone health needs. Get Extra 15% Off. Use Code: VMS15 —...
Rs. 1,698.00 Rs. 999.00
Neuherbs Deep Sea Fish Oil & Daily Probiotics Combo
For your complete heart to gut health, try Neuherbs Daily Wellness Pack of fish oil & probiotics. Together they help you achieve a healthy heart & happy gut. Get Extra 15% Off. Use Code: VMS15 — Key Benefits — Manage...
Rs. 2,098.00 Rs. 1,349.00
Sunflowers Seeds & Pumpkin Seeds
Rs. 450.00 Rs. 349.00
Sunflowers Seeds & Pumpkin Seeds
Sunflowers Seeds & Pumpkin Seeds together make a good snacking option for daily wellness goals. They are high in healthy minerals & fats, beneficial for overall well-being. Neuherbs Pumpkin seeds & Sunflower seeds are raw, unroasted & organic. Get Extra...
Rs. 450.00 Rs. 349.00
Natural Peanut Butter & Classic Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter is a good source of protein & healthy fats like PUFA & MUFA. Neuherbs organic peanut butter provides you with tons of health benefits and taste. The natural & classic peanut butter makes a great addition to your...
Rs. 440.00 Rs. 367.00
Watermelon Seeds & Pumpkin Seeds
Rs. 579.00 Rs. 439.00
Watermelon Seeds & Pumpkin Seeds
With the goodness of natural healthy fats, minerals, vitamins & fiber, Neuherbs is here with an amazing duo of Pumpkin & Watermelon seeds. These are completely raw and unroasted. Intact with natural nutrients, these can be a healthy snack option...
Rs. 579.00 Rs. 439.00
Neuherbs Flax Seeds & Chia Seeds Combo
To make your weight management easy and digestion healthy, Neuherbs has brought to you a super combo of superfood: Organic Chia & Organic Flax seeds. Full of nutrients, these seeds help you achieve your targeted health goals. These seeds are...
Rs. 445.00 Rs. 369.00
Neuherbs Skin Collagen Booster & Hair Biotin Combo
For a complete skin and hair care in just simple steps, Neuherbs is here with this nourishing combo of Hair Biotin & Skin Collagen Booster. These special formulations are completely plant-based as the ingredients are extracted from natural sources that...
Rs. 1,798.00 Rs. 1,329.00