Neuherbs Inch Burn

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  • No Harmful Additives

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  • 100% Authentic

To make every single outfit you wear look amazing on you, Neuherbs has brought to you a highly potent blend of natural extracts with piperine to deliver results effectively by improving your metabolism and body composition.

— Key Benefits —

  • 3G Extracts

    Green Coffee, Green Tea & Garcinia Cambogia.

  • Blood Sugar Manager

    Chromium Picolinate

  • Mood Supporter

    L- Theanine

— Key Ingredients —

  • Boost Metablosim

    Step up your engine, step up your results and hit your weight-loss plateau.

  • Manages Appetite

    Getting your Self-Control back isn’t so hard now. Beat your cravings and achieve your "Eat Healthy" Goals.

  • Support Body Detox

    Detox your body to flush out toxins, enhance immune function, and boost your weight loss efforts and energy.

— How To Use —

  • Take two capsules

  • With 1 glass of water

  • Twice a day with or before a meal

  • What is the composition per capsule?

    Neuherbs Inch Burn is an advanced weight management formulation that delivers Green Coffee Bean Ext, Garcinia Cambogia Ext, Green Tea Ext, L-Theanine, Piper Nigrum Ext and Chromium Picolinate per capsules.

  • Should be taken with meal or before meal?

    Neuherbs inch burn is an design to provide your weight loss goal an extra push that you can consume with or 30 mins before your meal as per your lifestyle & dietary pattern.

  • Does it help in reducing fat instead of weight?

    Yes, as per studies, green coffee extract, green tea & garcinia cambogia help in reducing fatalong with a healthy lifestyle.

  • What is the shelf life of Neuherbs Inch Burn?

    Neuherbs inch Burn is best before 18 months from the date of manufacture.

  • How many days do you take to deliver the orders?

    We take 3-4 business days to deliver normally, from the day of placing the order.

  • How can I track my order?

    After placing the order, you will get an Order ID with which you can track the status of the order on our website. Once the order is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking link so that you can track the movement of your order.

  • How can I return a product?

    Please note that the return and refund policies are different for each product.

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