Neuherbs Hair Biotin
Neuherbs Hair Biotin
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Neuherbs Skin Collagen Booster

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To make your appearance lively and to provide youthfulness to your skin, Neuherbs is here with a collagen boosting formula that delivers optimum antioxidants & other essential nutrients to provide you a healthy skin.

— Key Benefits —

  • For natural collagen boost

    With the natural plant-based extract that helps boost natural production of collagen in the body for better skin health.

  • For required nourishment of skin

    Nourishment of blend of natural seeds extracts to essential nourishment of oil, vitamins & minerals to keep skin moist & lubricated.

  • For reduced early signs of aging

    With natural antioxidants to fight free-radical and cell damage to reduce ealry signs of aging.

— Key Ingredients —

  • Natural seeds blend

    To deliver you the nourishment of essential oil from seeds

  • Antioxidant blend

    To deliver you the best for your skincare.

  • Natural collagen vitamin blend

    To deliver you the natural skin care of plants.

— How To Use —

  • 7 g (1 scoop) of Neuherbs Hair Biotin


  • One glass (200 ml) of lukewarm water or normal water


  • 30 minutes after your meal


  • Does it help in improving skin quality damaged by air pollution?

    It contains natural antioxidants that help fight skin damage and improves its quality

  • Is it beneficial for people above 40 years of age ?

    Yes, it contains natural plant-based ingredients that may help manag early signs of aging usually starts occuring above the age of 30.

  • Can we add it to a smoothie?

    Yes, you can addd it in smoothies as per your taste preference.

  • What is its shelf-life?

    Neuherbs Skin Collagen Booster is best before 18 months from the date of manufacture.

  • How many days do you take to deliver the orders?

    We take 3-4 business days to deliver normally, from the day of placing the order.

  • How can I track my order?

    After placing the order, you will get an Order ID with which you can track the status of the order on our website. Once the order is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking link so that you can track the movement of your order.

  • How can I return a product?

    Please note that the return and refund policies are different for each product.

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