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Neuherbs Deep Sea Fish Oil - 2500 MG
Neuherbs Deep Sea Fish Oil is an extraordinary lemon-flavored formulation that, unlike others, not only gives you high strength omega-3 care but also, provides you extra support of vitamin E & Vitamin D3.  Get Rs 150 off on Packs of 2....
Rs. 1,099.00 from Rs. 694.00
Neuherbs True Vitamin ( Multi Vitamin)
Neuherbs has brought to you 360-degree care, no restriction formula with essential vitamins, minerals, herbs support, vitamin-k free for heart care, and added Iodine for better & complete well-being. Get Rs 150 off on Packs of 2. Use Code: VITAMIN —...
Rs. 899.00 from Rs. 694.00
Neuherbs Hair & Skin Vitamin
Neuherbs has brought to you all in one beauty solution with 26 Key ingredients to support your hair and skin health. — Key Benefits — For Flawless Skin It can help you assist in managing rough, wrinkled, patchy skin like...
Rs. 999.00 from Rs. 694.00
Neuherbs Super Food Mix
Neuherbs has come up with a trail mix to help you stay fit while satisfying your taste buds with healthy treat which is rich in potassium, fiber, & vitamin E. — Key Benefits — Good for weight management Goodness of...
Rs. 399.00 Rs. 299.00


Backed By Science And Inspired By Nature

— Customer Reviews —

I’ve been using this Neuherbs, Triple Tulsi-Giloy+ with Vitamin-C since a month during this challenging time, and I’ve to say that this is one is of the best vitamin tablets to boost the immunity and it has various other benefits too, it’s good for skin too:)
Shweta Pal
I tried my hands with This Neuherbs instant green coffee premix. It is very easy to Use just a cup of hot water and a spoon to mix and perfect cup is ready .Ingredients are Diluents, Green Coffee Beans Extract, Ascorbic Acid , Acidity Regulator , Anti-caking Agent .so All total a very nice combo of antioxidants and laxative.
I have been consuming this product from last couple of weeks and I must say, the product is really good. You have to wash it well before you cook though. The grains are big n fresh, and there are no impurities like clay or small stone pieces in it. I have cooked it in veg fried rice style and it really tested good. I will definitely recommend it.
Sounak Kumar Chowdhury

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Daily Probiotics Supplement
To make your gut happy & healthy, Neuherbs Daily probiotics is here with its 6 strains of good gut bacteria along with the support of prebiotics (food of probiotics) that help you in good digestion and stronger immunity. — Key...
Rs. 999.00 from Rs. 349.00
Strength Booster (Fish Oil & True Vitamin )
Considering this modern-day time crunch, Neuherbs has brought to you a complete wellness combo of Extraordinary fish oil & Advanced Multivitamin to complement your lifestyle and physical health. Get Flat 15% OFF. Use Code: NEU15 — Key Benefits — For Brain,...
Rs. 1,998.00 Rs. 1,299.00
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for a variety of purposes and for its health-promoting properties. It can be used as a health tonic that helps in managing various health issues. Get Rs 80 off on Packs of 2. Use...
Rs. 499.00 from Rs. 404.00
Neuherbs Pumpkin Seeds
Rs. 280.00 from Rs. 174.00
Neuherbs Pumpkin Seeds
Neuherbs has brought to you raw, unroasted, organic, nutty Pumpkin Seeds that are loaded with healthful nutrients like protein, fiber, omega-3, magnesium, zinc & others to take you closer to your health goals. — Key Benefits — Healthy Snacking Made...
Rs. 280.00 from Rs. 174.00
Neuherbs Watermelon Seeds
Being rich in healthy vitamins & minerals, Watermelon Seeds are the healthiest yet tasty version of snacking. Neuherbs has brought to you raw, unroasted & deshelled watermelon seeds that are naturally healthy. — Key Benefits — Good for heart With...
Rs. 299.00 Rs. 225.00
Neuherbs Sunflower Seeds
Rs. 170.00 from Rs. 149.00
Neuherbs Sunflower Seeds
Packed with heart-healthy fats, Neuherbs has brought raw, unroasted, deshelled organic sunflower seeds that naturally provide you with the goodness of vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus & other essential minerals for healthy bones & skin. — Key Benefits — Heart...
Rs. 170.00 from Rs. 149.00
Neuherbs Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter
Neuherbs has brought to you Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter that offers you an experience of finest quality roasted peanuts along with added omega-3 & Dark Chocolate, making it a mouthwatering combination. — Key Benefits — Post workout protein Provides you...
Rs. 250.00 Rs. 220.00
Neuherbs Hair Biotin
Rs. 799.00 from Rs. 699.00
Neuherbs Hair Biotin
Neuherbs has brought to you a 3-in-1 plant based Hair Biotin formula with the ingredients that are naturally extracted from goodness of herbs to make your hair healthy and beautiful from the inside out. — Key Benefits — Fights Hair...
Rs. 799.00 from Rs. 699.00